When it comes to softgoods, we do it all!  


There are zipper repairs and zipper replacements.  If the zipper teeth are not damaged, we can repair it ($15-$20).  If the teeth are damaged the zipper will need to be replaced (Jacket: $65).  Don't throw out the pull, it may come in handy.


We have a great selection of materials.  Prices start at $15, and up depending on the damage. 


Snaps, grommets, rivets, buckles etc.  We get creative to meet your needs. (Typical $15)

Custom Designs

Stop a run or reinforce a weak spot; our darning stitches will amaze you with their strength.  This comes in handy for those expensive woolen underlayers and are great for tent mesh.  Typical $15.

Sometimes one area wears faster than another.  Beef it up with Cordura patches or extra heavy duty stitching.  Cost depends on the area and materials. eg. $35-$40 to reinforce ski pants.

I'm not currently doing custom work.