"If you wonder if you should just take it to Mandy, the answer is YES! She fixed my kayak helmet, made the Velcro like new on my hockey gear, fixed my tent, made me zip-off deck cushion covers, and replaced a zipper on Shane's favorite Peruvian sweater. THANK YOU! I didn't know days could be as productive as the day I brought all my broken stuff to you. I can't say enough about the quality, timing and reasonable price of your work."


Stacy M.

"They repaired my husbands waders. Did a fabulous job and they don't leak anymore."


Melissa B.



"Hey, thanks again for the repair to my ski bibs. Used them for the first time today and they were perfect!"


John K.

"Thank you for replacing straps on my Kelty journey kids pack!!! A warranty fix could have taken up to 6 weeks during peak season right now and you got me taken care of the same day :) thanks a bunch!"


Sandra W.

 "BELT LOOPS ARE GREAT NO MORE SNOW DOWN THE CRACK!! And the cordura otta makem last longer."


Chad N.

 "Just wanted to thank you again for fixing my ATV storage bag. I know it was a tough assignment, but you did a great job of repairing my inoperative zipper and restoring my bag to good use! I love the heavy duty zipper you installed! I highly recommend Mandy!"


John B.

"Amanda fixed my tent zipper quickly and at a great price.  It was the tent I took my oldest son on a camping trip in, when he was 3 years old.  She helped save memories!  Great skill at a VERY affordable price.  Amanda has my future business :)"

Larry R.

"Thanks for fixing my tool belt on short notice, and fast!"

Antonio R.

"Sewed up my sleeping bag over a year ago and it's still like new!"

Kristine G.