Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles

September, 2015 I hiked the Oregon Coast Trail. Before this trip, my experience with trekking poles was with cumbersome, unreliable, heavy and seemingly unnecessary poles. However, the BD Distance Z poles were the poles that I relied on to drag my ass through hundreds of miles of coastal sand and over steep coastal heads. Simply put, these were my favorite piece of gear for that trip and completely necessary. Lightweight, compact, comfortable, a reliable design, a blessing in difficult terrain, the best on the market.

Cost: $99.95

What the Manufacturer says:

  • Concealed inner cord

  • Single push-button release to collapse the pole

  • One-pull, Speed Cone deployment

Speed Cone technology comes from our expertise in avalanche probe design—a key component of Z-Poles' stiffness and fast deployment. Simply grab the grip and the first shaft section, and pull them away from each other. The pole will snap into place and lock. Each Speed Cone guides a shaft section into place, and stiffens the joint when the pole is locked. Protective, flexible tube ends cover the pole’s Kevlar® center cord when folded.



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